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Here at RxStockTrading we use rule based discretionary trading. Our style is utilizing swing/position trading to maximize profits while minimizing risk.


Our trading has been shaped by studying legendary traders like Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, William O'Neil, Stanley Druckenmiller, and many more. We developed timeless trading rules that combines the strengths of the greatest traders in the world.


We have over 10 years of market experience that has helped us to be consistently profitable through finding the strongest sectors of the current market and identifying the best stocks within them. 


We have a passion for the markets and we are dedicated to help new traders succeed by providing them with the tools and guidance that they need.

Additionally, we also want to help experienced traders become more profitable by developing their edge and assisting them in finding the best opportunities in the market. 

Current Results

Performance 5/25/21*-- 4/24/22: 10.35%

S&P Performance 5/25/21-- 4/24/22:  1.9%

Nasdaq performance 5/25-/21-4/24/22: - 6%
* Service Start date

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Past Results



“I have been following RxTrader services for many months now (even before the new site launch).  Besides the Buy/Sell alerts the service provides, the most valuable is the educational and commentary material that is provided along with the service. It helps one see why a particular equity is selected for the trade. A lot of research in fundamentals and technicals is made before the stock selection and for that reason the success rate is much higher.  The trades are made with patience and discipline by following the technicals instead of one’s emotions. The communication, mentorship and guidance is excellent throughout the trade period.  It is a great service for an active or passive trader like me who can follow a professional trader to enter and exit trades and at the best time learn the market. THANKS!”

- Duke

“I have followed RX’s posts for over a year with a lot of success.  His consistency and research have been a real benefit to my trading.  With a full time job and with limited time, RX’s concise research helps me ignore all the noise out there.  I especially like how careful he is with trades and with protecting his subscriber’s money.  He is far better than most services out there.”

- Dale

"I've been trading for about 4 years now. I've tried different services and learned from different services. RX trader's focus on market leaders and portfolio balance has been the best I could learn from. It's only through his teachings that I finally became consistent in portfolio growth. RX trader's weekly market sentiment analysis helps prepare me for each week of trading. If you want to learn and become profitable, I highly recommend giving RX trader a try."

- Austin

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