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Updated: May 28, 2021

If you identified the true leaders of any market that is 50% of the work. The rest focuses on building conviction in the name and identifying a normal pullback versus the end of the run. After several months of bear market in growth stocks, the cream of the crop is starting to show. Big institutions are starting to show their hand and it is our job to find these names. One current leader that I have identified is Upstart Holdings (UPST). This is a recent IPO that has been very volatile. The growth is numbers is better than anything out there. Recent quarter EPS growth was 340% and Revenue growth was 90%. Looking at the chart we can see that there is heavy volume accumulation in this name in the last several months. It is close to all time highs and if it breaks out, it could go on another powerful run. This is however a very volatile stock so one must size it properly. If you normally trade 10% positions then starting at 5% may be best.

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