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RX Free Setups Week of 8/15

TMDX: This medical product company is one that I have been talking about for a long time to our members. It has been consolidating beautifully in this bull flag. I have been hoping to see a bigger pullback to allow us to get in at a better entry closer to $42. The volume accumulation is very attractive. This is not a profitable company so it is not in the TML caliber stocks but it could still be a nice speculative swing trade in a company that provides an amazing one-of-a-kind product that saves lives.

TH: This is one of the earliest names to breakout on huge volume. I usually don’t like low-priced stocks but this one has gotten over $10 and has held support. Thin name but look for it to build a base here and for a potential nice swing trade. They provide rental accommodations with catering for hospitality services in the U.S.

GFS: This is a name we are familiar with. They previously tried to breakout back in March but then failed due to the general bear market. Now it is setting up again with huge volume accumulation. This is a long IPO base and they reported earnings of triple-digit growth. If tensions heat up with China then this will be a strong beneficiary.

DGII: This computer networking stock has been showing amazing strength. After breaking out from a cup and handle pattern, it gapped up huge on earnings and then now forming a PEG (Post Earnings Gap). They are fairly valued with a PE of 23 and strong growth. If it can break out here, it can make for a strong swing trade.

CRDO: We took profits at the perfect time in this name and had a nice swing trade. Since the failure to break out, this name has consolidated and had a nasty high volume shake-out on Thursday. Look for it to build a base here. A breakout over $17 could make for a nice trade in this one.

HRT: Here is a new IPO that is forming a beautiful consolidation base here. Look for it to pull back and form a handle here before breaking out to new highs so we can get a more attractive R/R.

ALB: This lithium maker broke out on strong volume. It has been consolidating a very long time. Solid fundamentals and a strong sector.

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