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Rx Setups Week of 4/18

GFI: This is a South African gold miner. It is forming a beautiful bull flag pattern after a strong run. If it can break out over the $15.7 area then it could be a nice swing trade. I really like how the volume has been very low on this pullback. This is one of the top setups going into next week.

CENX: This aluminum company is setting up in a nice symmetrical triangle. The leader of the group is AA and they report earnings next week so we will likely see a sympathy move in this name. It may take some more time to get tighter in this pattern before it breaks out.

OXY: This is one of the oil leaders that has been consolidating nicely in an ascending triangle pattern. Volume has been very quiet which means no major distribution Fundamentals are very strong here as well. If it can breakout over $62 then it could be a nice name for a swing trade.

PAYX: This human resources company recently reported earnings and since has formed a beautiful cup and handle pattern. The handle is very tight and controlled/ This is not a big growth company by any means but it has very stable earnings and a 2% dividend yield. If it can breakout of this handle it could make for a good swing position

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